Friday, December 14, 2012

Make Money With Clickbank

I make about $3,000 a month through affiliate programs and similar means (AdSense), I write about it at How to Make Money Online Blogging with some of it coming from the Clickbank Affiliate Program.

If you've already dabbled in affiliate marketing, but not come across Clickbank before you'll know most affiliate schemes offer a small percentage of the sale, many below 10%! Amazon for example which I've sold over $400,000 worth of products for starts at only 4% share (I've made $33,000 from Amazon from all those sales!!).

Clickbank products share up to 75% to the affiliate (that's you) and so a relatively small number of sales can make a hell of a lot more than you can make from an affiliate like Amazon.

I started with Amazon about 2005 I think, with Clickbank 2008.

Amazon sales over $400,000
Clickbank sales about $26,000

Amazon earnings : ~$33,000
Clickbank earnings : ~$13,000

Most of the Clickbank products I promote (and it's only a handful) give a 50% share.

If you do the Maths you can see if Amazon had the same share as Clickbank I'd have made an extra ~$170,000 (that's our mortgage paid)!!!!

For me to make $400,000 of sales with Amazon I had multiple sites running tens of thousands of Amazon product pages (used their XML feed to generate clones of Amazon which are now penalised in Google etc...). To make $26,000 worth of sales for Clickbank I added a handful of product reviews to a few sites, pretty much ten important pages made the vast majority of the sales.

I wrote a little about Clickbank at Clickbank Affiliate Program you can see I've only made an extra $2,000 from Amazon since writing that page two years ago, that's because Google absolutely hates thin affiliate site like cloned Amazon stores.

Sign Up to Clickbank it's free.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why Take A Payday Loan?

The global economic conditions are not looking bright at the moment. Even the major nations that have high yield earnings are facing imminent bankruptcy. It is quite natural to opt for payday loans during these times; there is nothing to be ashamed off about taking these loans.  At least opting for such a loan is better than asking your friends and loved ones for money. The niche may sound interesting to a set of users who find it very uncomfortable to manage their existing debts. Unless the appropriate care is not taken, opting for payday loans can lead to additional set of troubles Applying for a Payday Loan is just the first step.

Consolidating Your Payday Loans
If you have taken payday loans from many sources, you may find it extremely tough to manage all these loans - especially the part concerning the repayment of the loans. You need to think ahead and plan for the future if you wish to sustain in these economically unstable conditions. Loan consolidation is that process of managing all of your existing debts effectively. When executed in the appropriate fashion, you will end up paying all the loan debts in a timely manner. This is a very vital part because of the increasing interest rates charged by the loan providers with the passage of time.

Secured And Unsecured Payday Loans
The niche of payday loans is quit extensive. Those who take loans from these sources occasionally will know the difference in between secured and non-secured loans. By providing collateral, you can get extremely low interest rates for the loan. The companies are known to ask their patrons to pledge the deed of the house or the title of their car. This is your safest bet because it will allow you to repay the loan amounts without worrying too much about the interest rates. Then there are certain loan providers who offer variable and fixed interest rates.

Using Credit Cards To Repay Payday Loans
Money management is an important aspect that is losing its glory during these days. Do you know that you can pay off your debts using a credit card? By all probabilities, the conditions enforced by the credit card provider (i.e. your bank) will be more lenient than a payday loan company. There are zero annual fees some type of credit cards today. Finding the best credit card offers will be somewhat tough for the first-timers. Likewise, some of the money lending companies provides their patrons with additional sources of information regarding the loan repayment factors.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stuff you get at Trade Shows

Who the hell is Frank Biscone?

In addition to having been a pilot, biker, rifle sharpshooter, automotive encylopedia, bare knuckle streetfighting technique connoisseur, and all around hilarious motherfucker, my dad is also a long-time samurai of the "promotional products" industry. "Promotional products," which you might be more familiar with as "the shit you sweep into your pockets at trade shows," is an industry without which your friendly neighborhood doctor wouldn’t have the Bonertussin pad to write your prescription on, your local bank wouldn’t have unsettlingly-textured stress relief balls to give away, and so on.

Anyway, my dad and I were talking the other day about his business, and he brought up this guy whose name totally rung a bell. I couldn’t place it. Frank Biscone. Where the fuck did I hear that name before? I definitely didn’t know anybody with that name. So I asked my dad, "wait, hold up. who the hell is Frank Biscone?" Dad laughed, and said "yeah, that’s right, he’s the one who did that lighter."

And then I remembered. Years ago — like when i was 12 or 13 — I picked up this lighter at one of the trade shows Dad would take us to every year. The lighter was basically a Zippo or a Zippo knockoff as I can remember.

On one side, it read "WHO THE HELL IS FRANK BISCONE?"

flip it over, and the other side reads, "WHO GIVES A SHIT?"

I’m sorry, I know it won’t be all that funny to most of you, but that is the perfect fucking north Jersey joke. It’s still funny to me. I wish I still had that lighter, but I lost it, like I fucking lose everything I own.